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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals

Here at Cleaning With a Purpose we spend alot of time training our employees is on how to handle clients request. Our empoyees will always be in company uniform and professional at all times. We use only top products and equipment to get the job done as efficent, detailed and in the time given to us.


Our Mission

Our mission at Cleaning With a Purpose is to help our clients maintain one of the valuable possessions they will ever own and that is their home and business.  We recognize that in todays society is hard to balance home, family, business and life itself with it many obstacles. So if we can make your life better and  take 1 or more task off your plate so you spend time with family then we have accomplished our goal. Look at us as Walt Disney with a swiffer wand in our hand granting wishes.  It is our desire to grant this wish so you can spend quality time with family and during things you like to do.  Give us a call at (570) 846-2563 for a free quote and a representative will meet with you to discuss your cleaning needs.

Mark Carter

Customer Service


Susan Evans

 Training Manager


Betty Wilson


Jeff Turner


Kimberly Parker


Maria Clark


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